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Lightning, the pure fury of mother nature condensed into a streak of light and power, but as with all things coming from mother nature, it has a side to it few knew existed, for with even all this power, it has the power to create something greater.

Some people describe lightning as only a terrible force of nature, one seeking only to burn and destroy, one that only can remove, the fury of the storm, but it was on one fateful day that it did far more than that, it created a new being, one reborn, and this, is his story.

Electro Blitz always was made fun of for his name, as he was a blank flank without a talent for most of his life, his true calling never found, throughout his years of schooling he was generally addressed and graded as a "Average Stallion." And in truth, that was him in a nutshell, it was only his day to day deeds that set him apart.

He spent most of his adult life working with the weather team, a thankless job but one he enjoyed none the less, he even went out of his way to help the people of his hometown, spending extra time at work, making clouds denser to create more rainfall for the farmers, giving couples the perfect spot of shade for their romantic getaways and he always made sure to do it unseen, as creating praise around himself was something he was never fond of.

The stallion found great pleasure in his daily routine, even making time to stop at the local library to toss whatever extra bits he made into the donation bin, and quite possibly taking a steamy novel home with him, as a stallion without a love, it was the best he could do but unbeknownst to him, someone did infact love him, someone important indeed.

It was on one fateful day, a storm rolled in from everfree, larger and stronger than any seen before, its clouds billowed high into the sky while its downpour flooded less well protected areas, its lightning started fires all across its path of destruction.

The beast of a storm was uncontrollable, the weather team's movements did little to nothing to stop its trail of destruction, in no short time they simply gave up, instead rallying their efforts into evacuating the town, but all was for naught, the time of reckoning was upon them, they had only minutes before all that was left was rubble.

Electro Blitz in the meanwhile spent his time getting the children to safety, his soft voice and nature always did well with the fillies and colts, it was only once they were safe did he put his plan in action, he knew one way to stop this, one way to end the pain to his town, one way that he would go, and this way, would change him forever, he went right into the heart of the storm, break its heart to dissipate the angry weather formation but doing so would surely be the end of him, but in his mind, this was alright, he did his part, if saving his town meant that he met a terrible end, so be it.

As he flew into the storm, he silently gave everyone he knew a goodbye, this flight was to be his last, death's scythe only inches from his throat now. Blitz gained as much altitude as he could, and with a dive, he bore right into the anger of mother nature, pushing through the thick angry clouds, being burnt by stray bolts of lightning, being deafened by the thunder, there was little left of him as he made it to the Heart, a burnt out shell of who was known as Electro Blitz but just enough to finish his mission, stop the storm and that he did,

He flare his wings out and stopped midair, his wings dampening the high speed winds of the heart, his wings shattered almost instantly as the forces of nature tore through his wings, but this was enough, just enough to stop it, he gave his life to stop the destruction of his home, and the people who lived there.

He fell, like a anchor falling to the bottom of the sea, he hit with a thud, his body broken and twisted, his heart long stopped, but it was then, when he was born anew, the storm had one last act of vengeance on the poor stallion, bolts of lightning arched and burned through the air before meeting in a central point, connecting and slamming down into the pegasus with a vengeance unheard, his body turned to ash in only seconds but this was not the end for our hero, not in the least.

He awoke to a scene of white, nothingness, in fact he thought he had died, his mournful thoughts only interrupted by a voice, a voice so silky and warming, that it brought a chill to his spine, the voice came from a figure who appeared just as spectral image in front of him, a alicorn, green in color spoke only a thought to him "You have proven yourself worthy, rise from the ashes, you are worthy to claim the title of Champion of the Storm, guardian of the peace and patron of the lightning."

As the figure finished her words, he would suddenly feel the pain return, pain, a very alive feeling, a burning pain, a tingling pain, one that told him...he was alive.

He woke in the clearing where he died the night before, but now changed, something more then when he left, but somehow...something less. He had awoken to a whole new him, taller, stronger, wider and overall a more impressive build then he had before, but it was his features that truly brought shock to him, his mane and tail now only a fragment of what they were before, now they are yellow, small bolts of electricity arcing across them time to time, his eyes now glow a unnatural yellow, as if the fury of the storm condensed into two small spots.

With all this change, he knew something had happened to him, he found himself oddly fixated on the sky, where the storm once was, his body almost involuntarily leaped into the air, his larger wings moving him faster, his thoughts free of burden, well at least till he saw his town, from a distance, he saw the town's ponies very much alive, but something ached where his heart normally is, a sense of duty, these people would surly face the wrath of the storm again, and he was the only one who could stop it, this was his calling. On that very instant, a cutie mark formed on his flanks, a lightning bolt, its meaning quite clear to the stallion.

Electro Blitz was never heard from again, nor has any destructive storms reached equestria's towns, perhaps by luck, or perhaps by a greater force, perhaps by a stallion chosen by mother nature herself to protect the people, then again, this could all just be an old mare's tale, the mad ramblings of a insane pony or perhaps there is truth behind it, who knows, the guardian of the storm may yet live, and he may yet keep us safe.
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Labyriinthus Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2015  Student General Artist
(Faints from the sheer amount of senpai-ness)
classicEIGHT Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes. I like this. I knew I liked Blitz for a reason. It may be a bit cliche, but its an interesting tale nonetheless! 
What kills me most are the similarities between your OC and mine XD not to pimp my own junk here or anything, but really... The very first thoughts I had for mine were of a superhero nature. Now, he is more similar to Blitz was before the storm. Kinda funny to me, heh. 

I will say, its refreshing to see someone else with an OC who has a job, and a Pegasus who works with storms? AWESOME.

Like I said, a very interesting read. I actually wouldn't mind seeing some more short snippets involving Blitz. Anything, super amazing or mundane, I feel he'd be fun to read about.
Copper-Cap Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
A Dark Past leading to a bright and proud future, but one that grew up withholding all his values, keeping to the morals that truly matter in life, helping others, caring for thier needs, and just trying to be a friend to those who would accept him.  

Electro-BLITZ Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
i know right! (hugs)
ColtMX Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014
Its great to finaly know a little more of him thanks and congrats
Electro-BLITZ Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem bud, what do you think of him now?
ColtMX Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014
Interesting and stong it has lots of outcomes and posibilities.
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Electro-BLITZ Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yup, sometimes it looks like hes reading my mind.. =/
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